Friday, May 11, 2012

3rd Birthday pics! FINALLY!

Well, sometimes I am a great mother, and sometimes things slip by! Birthday pictures are one of those things that slipped by! First, I have to explain that my camera malfunctioned the day of the party. It has since been shipped off to New York for warranty repair and is now in perfect working order, just in time for our trip to Florida in a few weeks. But, my loving mother's camera did function so we took turns snapping pictures. As soon as she got back to Covington, I started in on her to upload the pics to a CD at CVS so I could have them. And, like a good mother, she uploaded them that Monday, saying they would be ready in less than a week (the package says 3/26/2012!). So, of course I RAN to pick them up as soon as they were ready, right? right?! Nope! I would like to say that we were just TOO BUSY to go ALL THE WAY to get them. But truth be told, I'm forgetful! I drove right past that store multiple times and never once thought to stop and get them. Don't get me wrong, we have been busy, but not too busy to pick up the pictures of my son's birthday! Oh well, I have them now and have created a few collages with my favorite pictures. I love the way the John Deere theme turned out. Enjoy!
John Deere Party Decor

Let the fun times roll at the MS Children's Museum! Thanks to all who came! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

And let there be CAKE! Kaleb really didn't like being sang to and refused to blow out the candles! Oh well, he seemed to like the cake though! But I think Hunter loved the cupcakes more than anyone there! =)