Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh what a beautiful day!

This weekend, our weather was absolute heaven. Highs in the mid-60's with a slight wind. We decided to take advantage and took Kaleb to the park after our Saturday morning workout at the gym. He has gotten a lot better with being dropped of at the Kid's center at the gym. They have lots of toys and some computers he can play on so he is happy. We had so much fun at the playground. He was very active and wanted me to slide with him. I had Paul video us because I thought it was hilarious. See for yourself!

We also got invited to my sister's house for a cookout last night. I asked what they were cooking and she informed me that they were grilling the elk that Chad had killed in Colorado. Ummmm.... OK. Having never eaten elk before, and not being a big fan of deer meat, I asked my sister what it tasted like. She told me not to worry, that it was delicious and tasted like beef. Little did I know, but she had never had elk before either! Sneaky, sneaky that woman! =) But luckily, she was right. It was very good. That had marinated it for over 20 hours, so there was not the gamey taste that I was expecting. Another reason we love going over my sister's is to visit my 'nephew' of the four legged kind. Kaleb absolutely LOVES Denver and I like to think that he loves him back just as much. We don't have a dog (not for lack of trying on my part), so I get my dog fix with Denver. He is the sweetest thing and Kaleb is hilarious playing with him. He will throw the toy, then start yelling really loud and really fast "Get it, Get it, Get it!!!" And Denver (or Bubba as Kaleb so lovingly calls him) will go get it and bring it right back, dropping it at Kaleb's feet. This is something he will not do for anyone else. If we throw something, don't expect to get it back because he will take it to Kaleb everytime!
That pretty much sums up our weekend. Sunday was another pretty day so we did something we love doing on lazy Sundays. We spent the day riding around in the car, going into Open Houses in the area. We love looking at new houses, gathering ideas of the future house we will someday build and grow old together in!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday was the official end of the football season. Normally, Paul and I don't watch professional sports, but when the Super Bowl rolls around, we try to get involved with all the festivities. And this year was no exception. My sister called and said they were hosting a party at their new house, and just the next day, a mom of one of the kids from Kaleb's daycare calls and invites us over to their place with a bunch of other daycare kids. So, I explained that we were going to split our time (1st half with the kiddos and second half with the sister). It was tons of fun!
First, we went to Karen and Kevin's house, whose son Breckin is in Kaleb's daycare class. They are from the area so we got to meet a lot of new people and get to know some parents from Kaleb's daycare. There ended up being four ~3-year-olds (3 boys and one girl) and two 5-year-olds. We found out quickly that boys will be boys and fight over any and all toys. I don't know how many times we looked outside and there were at least 2 if not all 3 crying over something! But we had a great time and look forward to getting together with everyone again soon.
At half time, we packed up and headed over to my sister's new house. I had planned it this way hoping that Kaleb would wear himself out with all the kids and fall alseep on the way to Melodie's. The skies must have been aligned just right because, low and behold, that child fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep the whole time we were there. Again, we got to meet lots of new people and also catch up with some we had met before but not seen since summer.
We ended up only watching the final two minutes of the game. (I actually had picked the Patriots to win, but oh well. I really didn't care one way or the other).
The funniest time of the night was right before we left my sister's to head home. One of Chad's coworker's had a newborn baby with them at the party. She had been asleep the whole time and woke up right as everyone was leaving. Melodie was holding her and handed her over to Chad, when she started to pass gas! Chad mentioned how warm she felt and discovered that the diaper apparently had reached it's load-limit! Uh Oh! Gross and hysterical at the same time!