Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another great weekend!

This weekend was another great one. Paul and I are truly blessed to have such great friends and family that support us and love us even though we have moved so far away. We went back into Covington for a baby shower/diaper party honoring some really great friends of ours. We got into town Friday night. The mom-to-be's shower was Saturday at 2. I rode with another great friend there and got to do some much needed catching up. I have to say, the glowing mommy really racked up. She is having a girl, and I swear she got the cutest things. Afterwards, they had a diaper party honoring the dad-to-be for all the guys. I stopped by there for a bit to catch up with the guys but headed back to my mom's around seven to spend some time with my favorite niece and nephew! They knew Kaleb was coming to town so they wanted to have a sleepover at Nana's house. I have to say it was SO much fun but SO exhausting watching the three of them play together! It makes me really sad to know that we live so far and can't have these play dates more often but I know that by staying in MS, we are doing what is best for the three of us. I have a picture that I took that just sums up the night. I call it 'the three cowboy musketeers!'
It was a bittersweet weekend on Sunday. It is always hard leaving mom and dad's with kaleb crying in the back seat. But, Walt and Laurin are getting to come down here in a few weeks for Kaleb's birthday party and we couldn't be more excited!
Kaleb didn't take a nap today so he has passed out in the rocking chair with me while I am typing this up. I cherish these moments so much, knowing that it won't be too long until he doesn't let me rock him anymore! Can you say 'Spoiled?!'

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Or is it Wii?! Either way, it is hilarious watching my son play Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. We will get to that later.

This past weekend, Paul, Kaleb and I got to go back home to TN for the weekend. We ended up waiting to Saturday morning to head up there because I was invited to a Mommy's Night Out with a few moms from Kaleb's daycare. We ended up hanging out at Bonefish Grill and turning in a little early due to the bad weather. But it was LOTS of fun getting to hang out with other moms and have drinks and complain about things only a mom of a 2-3 year old would understand! =) Anywho, we left Saturday morning and made the 4 hour drive to good ole Covington. But it was for a VERY special reason... Walt's 4th birthday party!

Paul and I had already made plans to head up to C-town for the weekend of March 10th due to a baby shower of some very good friends that we miss dearly. Well, my sis-in-law text me saying that Walt's party was going to be March 3rd. I feel like we are missing so much of him and Laurin's growing-up, so we decided that we were going to make the trip both weekends. (I have the best, most supportive husband ever!)

His party was at a local Bounce House place on our town square. And boy did they have fun! Kaleb just adores Walt and tried to follow him all over the place. Walt really racked up in the superhero toy department when it came present time. Oh, and did I mention that my sis-in-law is incredibly talented and makes all the cakes for Walt and Laurin's parties?! Seriously, she is incredible! I wish I had pics, but I'm awful like that and get caught up in the moment and never take pictures.

Since we didn't get into town until Saturday around lunch, we decided to wait until mid-morning to leave rather than our usual 8 am. Kaleb, of course, was up before 6 so he had plenty of Nana and Pop time before we left. Well, mom remembered how much he liked the driving game at the party the previous day, so she got the Mario Kart Wii game hooked up and ready to play. I really didn't think he would get the hang of it (and eventually get frustrated), but I was completely wrong. He LOVED it and didn't want to leave! So, guess what Kaleb will be getting for his birthday at the end of this month?! Here is a short video showing how funny he was and how much fun he had playing this game. (Please ignore the crazy hair do... This is how his hair looks every day when he wakes up).

After leaving my mom's house, we headed over to Paul's mom's house for a quick visit before heading back to Mississippi. Kaleb and Mrs. Judy ended up playing with some toy cars and some dice. It was hilarious watching him. They ended up getting into this "don't touch it" game. I am going to have to remember to tell her "Thanks" for that though because Kaleb now LOVES to tell me to "Don't touch it"! ha!

On a more personal note, I have always been a "mole-y" person (per my dermatologist), and with my mom having had some skin cancer issues in the past, I am always being told to go get various moles checked out. Well, this time it was my OBGYN that instructed me to get a few on my torso checked out. I have had two moles removed back when I was in middle school and it was a rather traumatic experience with lots of pain (at least that's what I remember from being 12 years old!) and eventual keloid-type scarring on my chest and back. So, after much procrastination, I finally scheduled myself to have them checked out by a local dermatologist. He confirmed that the two on my torso needed to be removed and sent off for testing but there were two on my back that he wanted to keep a close eye on also. I went in for the procedure a few weeks later, and got the results back a few days after that. Moderately Atypical.... I had no idea what that meant so the nurse explained that it meant I didn't have cancer! Yah! But... it did mean that they would have to go back in to the same sites and excise more of the tissue because the borders of the previous sample were not 'clean', meaning they did not get all the atypical cells. If they left them, they could eventually develop into melanoma. So that is what I did today on my lunch break. My wonderful husband met me at my work, picked me up and took me to my appointment. He is so great. He knows that I am not a big fan of the needle portion of the procedure and could possibly pass out if I see too much of the blood. I tried to tell him that I would be fine, but he wasn't having any of it. He was there the whole time, making me laugh and generally keeping my mind off of what was happening! I don't know what I would do without that man!