Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year!

Ok, so Fall is by far my most favorite season of the year! Perfect weather, beautiful colors, football and fairs, what's not to love?! So this past weekend was a weekend jam packed full of fun things to do.

Saturday night, we had a Fall Festival at our neighborhood clubhouse. They had bounce houses, corn hole, football/baseball throwing, face painting, an outdoor movie, and even a duck shooting game (the kind they use at the MWRA gun permit classes)! It was put on by our HOA. A few months ago, me and Paul had a discussion and I told him that he needed to get more involved down here. We have hung out with our neighbors a few times and of course my sister, and I have bunko once a month, but Paul really hasn't stepped out. So, he went to an HOA meeting and came home as a HOA Board member! He also volunteered us to help with the Fall Festival, which means he will help and I will chase our son around for a few hours! =) But it urned out to be a great time until a kid that lives down the street from us (Charlie) decided to ride his Lightning McQueen car down to the party. And Kaleb HAD to ride it. First, he rode with Charlie, and then took it over completely. When his friend Brooks got there, they both rode it till the batteries went dead (at which point he LOST HIS MIND!). We ended up leaving a little early but our neighbors came over and the kids played while we watched the UT vs Georgia game that we had DVR'd. It was a really fun, and really exhausting night! I took a video of Kaleb and Brooks in the car! (It's really supposed to be a one-person car!)

Sunday we decided to get up and go to the Mississippi State Fair in downtown Jackson. It is a lot like the MidSouth Fair but not quite as big. Every year, Paul and I go to the fair for the food, but this year, we knew Kaleb would be big enough to ride some of the kiddie rides. My sister and her husband met us there at 10, when the gates opened, but the rides didn't start till 12! So we just walked around and tried to kill time, going into the FFA Livestock barn and watching some motorcycle/tightrope walking circus. It was actually kind of nice because no one was there yet and you could just look at things. Of course Kaleb wanted to ride every single golf cart/rhino that he saw (which resulted in a few meltdowns when we said no).  Another reason I wanted to take Kaleb this year was the pony rides. He loves horses and I just knew he would want to ride one. Um... nope! He was scared to death and clung to me for dear life when I even tried to get him to pet it! But then, thank goodness, a kid half his age came in and started to ride. Monkey see, monkey do I guess because Kaleb couldn't get on there fast enough! He was so cute! After that, we went down to the petting zoo. I'm not sure who likes them more, Kaleb or me. They had a huge variety of animals including goats, llamas, scottish cows, mini donkeys, a camel, a zebra, a tortise and some kind of antelope. The camel was by far Kaleb's favorite! We let him feed them carrots and every time the camel would turn to get another kid's carrot, Kaleb would yell "Hey CAMEL! Here!" It was so cute! By the time we were done there, the rides had started. First, I rode with him on a Bumblebee Ride that goes up and down while going in circles. It was pretty fun. The next one was a tug boat the we thought just swung back and forth. Paul rode that one with him. When it started, not only did it swing back and forth, it spun in circles (see the video). I could barely catch his face as he went by but Paul said he was yelling "Weeeee!". So I got on there for a second ride and it was really fun. The next thing was a motocycle ride that he had to get on by himself. After strapping him in, we were shocked to see how fast it actually went, but he loved it. He also rode an airplane ride by himself that was alot like the bumblebee ride (see the video), and of course the carousel. The only ride he did not enjoy (or us either), was the Nascar ride. It was another one that we couldn't ride with him, so Paul strapped him in and he looked excited. The cars went on a oval track, like a real nascar track, not too fast, but when it came time to round the corner, it SLUNG him so hard he hit the side of the car and didn't move! He didn't cry, but he looked scared to death. We were about to tell the guy to stop the ride but luckily, the ride only lasted about a minute and a half. I think if he had been able to hold on to the bar in front of him or if someone had been in there with him, he would have actually enjoyed it. We will have to remember that for next year! So, all in all, it was VERY fun and I was so proud of him for being a big boy. We can't wait to go back next year!
Oh, and all I ate was a pronto pup, one deep fried oreo, fresh lemonade, and another pronto pup on the way out! I can't believe I missed out on the saratoga chips this year but the pronto pup called my name!
Here are some pictures and video. My camera kept messing up on me so I wasn't able to take pictures of everything but I'm happy with the variety I did get.

This was the motorcycle ride that we thought was so fast. He loved it though. After looking at the video, I don't think it goes any faster than his tractor he has at the house!

This is the tugboat ride that he LOVED! Him and Paul are in the last row. You can see Paul in his green shirt and hat pass by but it's hard to see Kaleb.
He loved the airplanes. The guy that was controlling it let them go for like 5 minutes. It was just him and one other girl and no one was waiting in line, so he just held the button and let them ride!

Monday, October 3, 2011

10 years down...

So, today is one of those anniversary's you kind of lose track of over the years, but my wonderful husband seems to remember it every year. On this day, October 3, 2001, Paul and I officially started dating. (although my parents will not recall it beginning till a few months later! shhh!) You see, I was only 16 years old (awful close to 17 if you asked me at the time) and Paul was 21. A definite no-no in any parent's book. It didn't help that he was my brother's age. But, Paul was polite and respectful of my parents and family. He won them over quickly. We have went through high school, college, optometry school, having a baby while in school, and moving 250 miles away from the nearest family member. Needless to say, it has been crazy. He has helped me come out of my shell, push me to become the woman I wanted to be, not the one everyone thought I should be. And me, well, let's just say I tamed the dragon! I taught him that not everything had to be taken so seriously, or with aggression. That it's ok to turn the other cheek at times. We balance each other out completely. We have made SO many friends along the way, each of which has helped us in getting where we are today. We reminisce about the fun/stupid/crazy times we have had over the years. It is a little bitter sweet to know that most of those crazy times are in the past, but that's part of growing up and becoming more than just husband and wife, but mom and dad! Because on March 29, 2009, our world opened up! We saw what true, undying, everlasting, 'throw yourself in front of a moving train if you have to' love was all about. It has been one big juggling act ever since (did you know kids do not come with a instruction manual!), but one of those things where you couldn't imagine your life any different!

So, Paul, our first 10 years were the most incredible, mind-blowing, ten years of my life. I was so lucky to have met you (and gotten you that bottle of coke you asked for! ha). We have been through a lot of highs (graduation, wedding, Kaleb, graduation again) and lots of lows (losing my PawPaw, Aunt Sally, Chad, your MawMaw and your PawPaw). I couldn't imagine spending the last 10 years with anybody else by my side, and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you! You and Kaleb are what mean the most to me in this world. We are going to have our ups and downs, as with any good relationship, but our ability to work through anything is what is going to make us one of the few couples that really makes it to the end. I looked you in the eyes on August 13, 2005, and promised to love you, sick, healthy, rich, poor, it doesn't matter. I'm here with you as long as we both shall live!

I have included a few pictures from over the years. I have tried to put them in order as best I can. Enjoy!
This one is our first Teen Club Dance we went to together. It was December 2001.
This one is from May 2003, right after my HS graduation. For my senior trip, Paul took me to Orlando.
This one is Nov 2003. We went to Knoxville, TN for Homecoming to see the Vols play and too see my sister who was a freshman there.
This one is in May 2004. We decided to take a romantic vacation to Gatlinburg. Stayed in a cabin in the mountains!
August 13, 2005, I was one of the lucky ones that got to marry the person they are meant to spend the rest of their life with!
New Years/January 2008. We went to Copper Mountain, Colorado with my sister. Paul's first time to see the Rocky Mountains. He loved it as much as me!
Feb 2008. SCO's EyeBall semi-formal event
The day our lives changed forever. March 29, 2009. We became parents to Kaleb Wade Rasmussen.
When Kaleb was only a few weeks old, we had the same photographers that did our wedding do a photo shoot with us and Kaleb. Beautiful!
December 2010. Party with our Covington friends that we miss so much!
March 2011. Our first cruise!
Our most recent family photo at my sister's wedding. September 17, 2011.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, if you haven't picked up on it yet, Kaleb LOVES tractors! It was one of his first understandable words, and he says it at least 20 times before we even make it to daycare in the morning. I have been known to bribe him to do things with tractors, from going to bed to eating to peepee-ing in the potty! So, when it came time to switch his toddler bed over to the full size conversion, I knew I had to find a tractor comforter. I searched and searched, and finally landed on this one:
It is from JCPenney. At first, I was not crazy about the design. I mean, its a brown plaid with 6 tractors on it. But, after Paul explained to me that it was not MY room, and that Kaleb would LOVE all the tractors, I saw that he was right and went ahead and bought it. And OMG, was Paul right! We brought Kaleb home after putting it together, and he went crazy! "Tractor, Momma, Tractor!" Jumping up and down! He has also learned that the one closest to the pillow is a combine, not a tractor! I am planning on doing some new canvas paintings with his name and tractors. So I will be sure to post pics of those when I get around to doing them!

One problem did happen that I should have thought of, but unfortunately was too wrapped up in how much he would love his new tractor bed... He is more interested in saying 'tractor', over and over and over, than he is in going to sleep! (It is actually reversible with the other side having about 50 tractors printed on a dark brown plaid!) But he eventually calmed down, and went to sleep.

He still doesn't sleep all through the night, but we have only had it a few nights, so we are still hoping that having his own bed will: a: help him sleep better, and b: keep him in his own bed! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it when he sneaks into our room at 4 in the morning to cuddle with me, but after about an hour of being kicked and hit and head butted, you just get up and go lay on the couch and give him the bed! So, this is our solution: give him a bed that is just as comfortable as ours (even if he does continue to come to our bed, at least I have somewhere else to go besides that couch!)

And, just for giggles, I wanted to share a couple videos from today. The first was from this morning. We had the radio on while Paul was ironing some clothes for a trip he has to take next week. Kaleb decided to show off some moves! The second was from this afternoon. We ate at Five Guys for lunch. It is located at an upscale outdoor shopping area called Renaissance. They have a water fountain/jets that the kids can play in. We have taken Kaleb to it a few times but he has never really been that interested in it, but today (when we had no intention of playing in it), he decides to get SOAKED! It was a really nice day, weather wise, so we let him have fun. When he was done, we stripped him to his pull-up and went home! Overall, it has been a really great day!

(Oh, and those 'big boy underwear' were his choice after peepee-ing in the potty this morning... Bad idea  seeing that he poopoo'd in them about 10 minutes after this video!)

Oh, and one more thing: GO VOLS! =)