Saturday, July 13, 2013

Color me Krazy

Today, Melodie and I ran a 5K called Color Run. Melodie's neighbor and her daughter also ran it with us. The Color Run is essentially a 5K (3 miles) but throughout the running, there are people that are throwing corn starch colored with food dye (blue, pink, yellow and orange) on you! It is a lot of fun. They have a couple of 5K's like this and this was a first for all of us. Melodie created a team and we were called Color Me Krazy! We didn't get all decked out like a lot of the people there (think TuTu's) but we had a great time. It started at 7, so we had to be at the race by 6:30. We all thought it was crazy early but it ended up working out great. We ran around, got crazy dirty and at the finish line, they have the 'Finish Festival' where everyone that has finished gets in a big group and throws up handfuls of the dyed corn starch. We got a good picture of the group after we finished doing it. I am posting some before and after pics! Enjoy! Oh, and we started in Wave 3 but pretty sure we finished with the first wave! Go us!
This is the before of all of us with The Color Unicorn. 
Me and Melodie after
The four of us after
This sign was so cute I had to take a picture on the way out! Notice melodie being a grown up, NOT!
This is the Finish Festival I was talking about. We were in the middle of ours and when we throw the stuff, you literally cannot see the person standing next to you! Oh, and it didn't taste very well!

But I will definitely be on the lookout for the next color run in the area! Good workout and lots of fun!

Monday, July 1, 2013

New House Finale

So, we are FINALLY in the new house! Well, our stuff is not in the old house and somewhere between the new house and the garage! But our butts are sleeping in our new beds in our new rooms! Kaleb is excited but still a little confused. He calls it the "New House" and still asks to go "Home" when he is tired. We just explain that this is our home now and remind him that his bed and all his toys are here. He doesn't get upset or anything so we think in a few days, everything will be back to normal.

Oh, and a BIG thank you to my mom. She came down here on her days off from the field and helped us move! She was a HUGE help and we couldn't have gotten everything without her! Thanks again Momma!

Here are the pics that I took on move in day!

The landscaping and shutters turned out great! 

This is the view from behind the kitchen sink looking into the living room. Notice the mantle with Paul's new HUGE TV. We ended up staining the beams so they were more cohesive with the floors. We were warned that it might not turn out right but we couldn't be happier with our decision.

This it the hutch with our ice maker. We did a wood counter and stained it to match the floors

This is the finish on the hutch and island.

Our master shower. This was my pet project and it turned out better than I could have imagined.

The finish on the master bath cabinets. They were this weird color orange for so long that people started questioning me about it!

Here is a close up of the finish

Our Master bath. I really wanted a chandelier over the tub and Paul's mom and dad were so nice to give us this one! The electricians hung it up before Paul could tell them not to and ended up hanging  it a little high so Paul is going to lower it for me.

The Island in the kitchen. It has the same finish on it as the hutch.

The entire kitchen looking from the living room.

Our Vent-a-Hood got distressed too. 

So, that is pretty much the new house. We have two guest rooms and a play room so we expect company! As I tell everyone, we are half way to the beach so if you need a place to crash or even a potty break, just give us a call!