Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kentucky Lake Kraziness

Starting about 10 years old, my family began a tradition of spending weekends in the summer at the Kentucky Lake in Pairs, TN. A lot of my favorite memories are surrounded by this place. I have memories of my 60 year old Pa riding a seadoo and throwing off himself and my younger cousin. Friends were made and fun times were had up here. As I have gotten older and my life has evolved, I just don't go as often as I would like. It doesn't help that we moved farther away so the 2.5 hour drive is now a 6 hour drive! My dad bought a new boat this year so I was determined to make it up there before the summer was over, which is actually this week for farmer's because dad and Brandon start cutting corn next week and won't be back up here till the fall. So, Paul and I decided that we would take Monday off from work and make the drive. What a great idea this has turned out to be! My cousins, Becca, Danielle, and Casey are all up here also with their kids, which I definitely don't get to see often enough. When Paul and I get the opportunity to go back to Covington for the weekend, we are extremely strapped for time trying to see all our parents and grandparents.  So, getting to see them up here is an added bonus.

We started our journey after I got off work Friday. Kaleb did really well for most of the way. We stopped in Jackson, TN at the Chick-Fil-A. We decided their play place would be a great way for Kaleb to stretch his legs for the additional 2 hours we had left. There were a couple kids already playing and Kaleb was our social butteryfly and started following a little boy around. After about 30 mintues, we loaded back up and finished our drive, arriving at the cabin around 10:30. We unpacked and headed over to see Laurin and Walt. Kaleb had a great time playing with Walt. I got to catch up with Laurin and her school life. She did a cheerleading camp this summer. I was hoping to coax some cheers out of her but she said she didn't remember any.

Saturday morning we got up at the butt crack of dawn, as usual. Kaleb was itching to ride the golf cart, our primary mode of transportation up here. We convinced him to wait until Walt and Laurin got up, so as soon as they walked through the door, he yelled "Golf Cart" and off we went. Everyone we know up here lives within a mile of each other, so we went visiting with people I hadn't seen in years. After about an hour, we headed back to the cabin to get ready to go out on Pop's boat. And it really is an amazing boat. Great ride, great music, and great company. I got a little emotional watching Kaleb, Walt, and Laurin have such a great time together and remembering all the great times we had growing up. I love what I do and where we live, but this stuff can really make you homesick.

On the water, we went to "the beach" to see everyone. The kids had the best time jumping off the back of the boat. After a few hours of this, we decided to go watch Laurin ski and see if we could get Kaleb on the innertube. Well, Laurin decided she just wanted to show me how she could get up, because after a few seconds, she would just fall. She said it was fun to jump out of the skis! Oh well. So it was now time for the innertube. First up were the kids with my mom. I wasn't sure how Kaleb would like it, but he LOVED it. When Brandon finally stopped to let me and mom switch, Kaleb yelled "Go Faster Brandon!" So funny. I got on and had a blast! It is really nice to ride with young kids because Brandon doesn't try to kill you! After the kids were done, Brandon offered to pull me and Paul but being the smart person I am, I said no thanks. As they say, I was born during the day, but not yesterday!

On the way back to the dock, Kaleb and Walt fell asleep. It was around 5:30 and he hadn't had a nap all day. He was so tired that he didn't wake up for supper and slept until 4:00 the next morning! I tried to turn in a little early, since I knew how Kaleb was going to wake up that early, but my cousins came over the visit and ended up staying till close to midnight! One benefit of staying with the folks is that when Kaleb got up at 4, he went to the living room and laid back down on the recliner in the living room where mom, Walt and Laurin were camped out and I was able to go back to bed!

Sunday, we got up and headed out a little before 12. It was getting cloudy so we weren't planning on spending a great deal of time on the water. We really wanted to see if we could get Laurin to ski a little longer today and also see if Walt could get up. Of course, we were throwing a little innertube riding in there again! Laurin did a lot better that day. She ski'd for a couple minutes this time. Not sure but she ended up falling forward and the ski hit her knee. She was pretty upset but I think more scared that anything. I left a little bruise but I told her that you're not a true skier until you have a bruise to prove it! Next, Walt tried to get up. And he did, sort of. He popped right up but only in the crouch position. He never really stood up. But I was extremely impressed! Next year, he will be great, I know it! It started raining on us around 2 so we headed back in. Of course all three kids were worn out and fell sleep on the ride back to the dock.

All in all, we had a great time. I hate that the summer is essentially over, but am looking forward to next year. Who knows, we might even get Kaleb on the skis!

Climbing up on the back of Pop's boat.

Best buddies!

Pop's little helpers

Pop, Nanna, and the grandkid's

Me and my love!

Uncle Paul helping Laurin get into her skis

Popped right up!

It was a little rough that day so she didn't ski very long

You couldn't tell who was having more fun, the kids or Nana

My turn!

Brandon showing Laurin how its done!

They loved watching him hold the rope with his legs

Amee's turn

We had a sleepover Saturday night!

Sharing Cheez-Its on the porch steps

Like father like son

Victoria and her friend. You couldn't tell if they were having fun or scared to death!

But Paul was definitely having fun!

Sleeping beauty on the way in Sunday

Another sleeping beauty

They were just too wore out from all the fun!

Video of Kaleb jumping off of Pop's boat

Laurin skiing. Ignore the end where I freak out a little. You can tell I was nervous for her! =)

A little background story on this video. My sister in law, Amee, has a great sense of humor. She rigged this cooler they have with a fake snake and fishing line, so when you open the cooler, the snake actually comes up at you. VERY FUNNY! They got me with it Saturday morning and Paul Saturday night. Well, Sunday morning, Paul decided to get Kaleb. I wish I had been there for the initial reaction, but I got my camera for the fun that followed! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Movie Weekend

It has been raining all week and there was no end in sight for the weekend. Kaleb LOVES to be outside so we had to think of something to do to entertain this hyperactive child. We had been considering taking him to a movie in the theater but could never really get up the courage to pay $21 for the three of us and not think he would sit there, in a dark room, for over 2 hours! But both the new Ice Age and Madagascar were out so we thought we would give it a try. I brought up a picture of both movies on my computer and asked him which one he wanted to see. He chose Ice Age. The first showing was at noon on Saturday. We get there and he is really excited. After getting tickets and popcorn, we head to the room. I am trying to warn him about it being dark and he acts like he gets it but as soon as we get through the door, he stops! Uh oh! We talk to him and Paul picks him up as we pick out our seats. I had picked up a booster seat for him but he was more comfortable in Paul's lap so we let him stay there.
He actually did really well the whole movie. The last two minutes he decided to sit in his own chair. We were so proud. When it was over, he said 'I watch it again!' Too funny.
The rest of the afternoon, all he would talk about was going to see the animals, which is how we described the movie. He even kept talking about Sunday morning so we decided to take him to see Madagascar today. When we got there, we had about 10 minutes to kill, so I had the bright idea to let him play in the arcade for a few minutes, while Paul got the coke and popcorn. Well, when it was time for the movie to start, guess who was no longer interested in the 'animals' and had turned his obsession to the Red Motorcycle game?! Yep. Bright idea Melissa!! He sat in my lap for 10 minutes then wanted to go play the game. Paul made him sit in his lap but he was pretty persistent. With only about 10 minutes left, I just decides to give in and took him back to the arcade while Paul finished the movie. I wasn't about to not know how the movie ended. Lesson learned!!
In case you are wondering, both movies were really cute! I recommend both of them!