Thursday, December 15, 2011

Look Mommy!

Saturday, Paul and I ran by a store to buy my dad his Christmas present. When we got home, Paul went to town to get supper while I put dad's shirt into a box to be wrapped. When I tried to removed the price from the tag, I couldn't, so I decided to just Sharpie over it. Well, Kaleb came in while I was doing it and DEMANDED that I give him the Sharpie. Of course, I explained that he could not have my Sharpie but he could play with his markers in his room. So I took him to his room, got out his markers and a coloring book, and he was satisfied. I returned to my work with dad's gift. A few minutes later, I hear Kaleb yelling "Momma... Oh, Momma". I come into his room, and there he is, looking so proud of himself!

All I could do was laugh and hope to God that I got a picture before he touched anything! I was amazed that he hadn't gotten it all over the room too. But apparently, he was content with just changing his ethnicity status! So, I got my picture, sent it to a few people I thought would get a kick out of it, and then put him in the bath! As soon as he got in the water, it turned a pretty shade of blue from all the black ink. HILARIOUS! He was so proud of himself. I showed Paul after he got home and we both got a good laugh out of it. Oh, two year old boys! If you can't laugh at them, you will drive yourself crazy!

The gym we are members of down here are having a Breakfast with Santa this Saturday so Paul and I have decided to try and take Kaleb to get his picture made. I have been trying to explain Santa to him and he does recognize him in all the decorations everywhere we go, but I don't think he knows he is a 'real' person and he might have to sit in his lap. Wish us luck!

Another thing happened Sunday: typical Rasmussen style! Paul and I have lived in Mississippi for over a year and a half now, but have yet to really put ourselves out there to meet new people. I have really been pushing this since we were so social back home. I get to talk to people all day with my job, but Paul gets to work from home so his only interaction with people is at the gym, and he really hates it when people come to the gym to socialize! Well, a lady from our neighborhood stopped by while we were playing outside to introduce herself and let us know that they were UT fans also (we have stuff on both vehicles and on the house to make sure people know who we root for!). We talked for a while and she said that they were going to do Christmas cookies with the kids at her house at 5 pm on Sunday then go look at Christmas lights at the Canton Square (a lot like Christmas City from back home) and asked if we wanted to come. I said we would love to! So, Sunday comes and Paul and I decide to go riding around, just killing time, hoping to get Kaleb to take a relatively early nap. We get home around 2 and Kaleb is still wide awake! So, we decide to just let him skip his nap so we can go to this woman's house and meet new people. Well, of course, Kaleb decides to fall asleep at 3:30 pm! Really Kaleb?! So, I text her and let her know we might be a little late! She texts at 5:30 saying they were just sitting down to dinner and asked if we could come... Nope, toodle pot is still snoozin! I ask her to let me know when they start the cookies so if he is up, we could head down. At 6:15, I get a text, but still a no-go! He is snoozing HARD! And you do not DARE wake my child from his nap unless you have a sick sense of humor and want to pay for it the rest of the night!  (I was so paranoid about her thinking I was lying that I text her two different pics of him sleeping everytime she text!)  So, I apologized for not being able to come, and sat on the couch like a child that just got told she couldn't go to a birthday party that she had been looking forward to for a week! =) Kaleb decided to finally wake up aroun 7:00!!!!!!! Needless to say, we didn't get to be till aroun 11:30 that night, but he did sleep well after, so all in all, it wasn't too bad a night!

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