Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Geyser Falls

A couple Saturday's ago, Melodie called and asked if we wanted to go to Geyser Falls with her and Chad. I told her we had planned on working in the yard but that I would talk to Paul about it. Paul said that he really couldn't go, but Kaleb and I should go if I thought he would have a good time. After looking at their website, I saw that it had lots of things for kids his age so I decided to go.
It doesn't open until 11 and it is a little over an hour away so we left around 9:30. We arrived around 10:45 and there were already about 50 people in line with a big charter bus unloading about another 30! When we get there, we load all our valuables into a locker and me and Kaleb head to the toddler splash area while Melodie and Chad hit the big slides. Kaleb didn't want to stay in the kiddie part very long though. After going to the restroom we found Mel and Chad and got into the lazy river. Kaleb actually wore his puddle jumper and I turned him loose! It was really fun and entertaining watching him try to get Melodie and Chad! And watching Chad flip over on his tube trying to get Kaleb! After he had his fill of the lazy river, we headed to get some lunch, a.k.a: Cheeto Puffs! Then we went to check out the 'beach'. They have created this pseudo-beach with sand and a pool that got to about 4 ft in the center. It was really nice for kaleb since he could touch thru most of it. He showed off his moves to Mel and Chad, who were highly impressed and amused. At about 2:30, Kaleb started acting a little tired so we headed out. I was hoping the hour ride home would put this kid to sleep but no such luck!
When we did get home, my loving husband has mulched the side flower bed. Since Kaleb hadn't fallen alseep like I had hoped, I decided to further wear him down and join Paul in the Project Mulch! Since he was out, we headed to the local nursery where we get our mulch to pick up 3 more scoops, hoping it would finish everything out. They were only an hour from closing and were closed on Sunday. Well, after about 3 more hours of laying down mulch (and LOTS of hydration breaks), with Kaleb trying to 'help', we ran out of mulch... without finishing. So, it's 7 o'clock at night, nothing is open and everything is closed on Sunday. Oh well! At least we were done for the day. My master plan worked and Kaleb konked after his bath at 8:00. Which was great because both Paul and I were not far behind him!
Kaleb loves his Uncle Chad!

Got a little captain in ya?! Love my little man!

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