Thursday, July 19, 2012

Movie Weekend

It has been raining all week and there was no end in sight for the weekend. Kaleb LOVES to be outside so we had to think of something to do to entertain this hyperactive child. We had been considering taking him to a movie in the theater but could never really get up the courage to pay $21 for the three of us and not think he would sit there, in a dark room, for over 2 hours! But both the new Ice Age and Madagascar were out so we thought we would give it a try. I brought up a picture of both movies on my computer and asked him which one he wanted to see. He chose Ice Age. The first showing was at noon on Saturday. We get there and he is really excited. After getting tickets and popcorn, we head to the room. I am trying to warn him about it being dark and he acts like he gets it but as soon as we get through the door, he stops! Uh oh! We talk to him and Paul picks him up as we pick out our seats. I had picked up a booster seat for him but he was more comfortable in Paul's lap so we let him stay there.
He actually did really well the whole movie. The last two minutes he decided to sit in his own chair. We were so proud. When it was over, he said 'I watch it again!' Too funny.
The rest of the afternoon, all he would talk about was going to see the animals, which is how we described the movie. He even kept talking about Sunday morning so we decided to take him to see Madagascar today. When we got there, we had about 10 minutes to kill, so I had the bright idea to let him play in the arcade for a few minutes, while Paul got the coke and popcorn. Well, when it was time for the movie to start, guess who was no longer interested in the 'animals' and had turned his obsession to the Red Motorcycle game?! Yep. Bright idea Melissa!! He sat in my lap for 10 minutes then wanted to go play the game. Paul made him sit in his lap but he was pretty persistent. With only about 10 minutes left, I just decides to give in and took him back to the arcade while Paul finished the movie. I wasn't about to not know how the movie ended. Lesson learned!!
In case you are wondering, both movies were really cute! I recommend both of them!

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