Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catching up...

So sorry it has been so long when updating. Life just seems to get busier and busier as Kaleb gets older. But hey, we do what we can, when we can and just roll with it!

First, I am just going to upload a bunch of pictures and detail everything through that! Seems like the easiest was to update so much!

Lets start with Grandparents Day at MRA. Mom was able to come down (Mrs. Judy was not able to come down but was there in spirit!). The video below is after they just came in and he was looking for us. I will always cherish this video due to his reaction to finally seeing us! I swear my heart swelled to three times the normal size!
This photo is of all the sweetness of the kiddos praying!

After the program, Kaleb and I spent the day together at a playground and the Mississippi Children's Museum.

Nana saw this cool helmet at Walmart and just knew Kaleb had to have it! So, this is him wearing it in the jeep! Safety First!

Now, lets move on to soccer. Kaleb has played both fall and spring soccer (which was cut short due to his breaking his foot!). I'm not saying that Kaleb is in any way the next Beckham, but he sure is cute in his uniform!

He is more of a goalie than a scorer!

This is how him and Breckin spent most of the soccer season, chasing each other and not the ball!

Notice the different color gloves... He HAD to do it that way! Crazy boy!

Luckily, Paul and Kaleb were on spring break at the same time this year. So we decided to take a mini-vacation down to New Orleans. Paul and I had been once in November and we just knew Kaleb would love it down there. And we were right! His favorite had to be the trolleys! They were very convenient and the best way to get around downtown. We visited the Audobon Zoo on Saturday. It was VERY crowded due to the Soul Festival (we had NO idea!) but we had a good time. Luckily the weather was perfect. To be honest, we were a little disappointed in what it had to offer. It was a nice zoo, but not what everyone had told me it would be. I guess when you grow up with the Memphis Zoo, every other zoo just doesn't stack up. On Sunday, we got up and went to Cafe Du Monde and got beignets and coffee then hit up the horse and carriage ride. If you haven't ever been on one, please do. It was sort of pricey but you can get a deal if you hop on the ones with other people. You might have a to sit a minute and wait on it to fill up, but when one group sits, its not long before others start to pile on. SO worth it with all the history and cemetery information.  That afternoon, Paul and Kaleb rented one of the scooters and rode it around. Unfortunately, it broke down about 10 minutes into the ride, which is about as long as Kaleb wanted to ride anyway so it all worked out. After grabbing a late lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest. Then grabbed a bite to eat at a sushi restaurant! Its crazy, but you can only eat cajun food so many times before you need something a little different. Waking up Sunday, we headed home and spent the afternoon just lazy-ing around the house!

Love this crazy kid!

Very excited to see Nigel from Rio!

Chasing a three legged tortoise

This momma and baby orangutang were the highlights of the zoo. SO funny. She was biting her mom here on the shoulder and her mom would 'pop' her on the head to stop!

What is a day at the zoo without some cotton candy?!

One of the biggest disappointments in the zoo was the fact they didn't have any lions! This was all we got!

But we did get to see the giraffes fight each other by swinging their necks around!

He got in the wind tunnel.

Chasing the peacock on the way out

Waiting on the trolley

Riding in the carriage ride

These little scooters would have been great if it hadn't broken down.

Some girls with my Canton office asked me to run in the Color Me Rad 5K here in Jackson. These runs are fun and not  workout at all! You run (or walk like us) and they have these stations with corn starch that has been colored (pink, orange, blue, purple, yellow) and when you run through, they throw it on you! Who ever came up with this is a genius (insane, but a genius!). I had ran one with Melodie back in the summer and was thrilled when they asked me to join in on this one. As the photos will show, it was LOTS of fun! Can't wait to do it again!
Before picture of me and the girls


I know it looks insane but it is a great time!

As I mentioned before, Kaleb had his first broken bone this year. While playing at Chick-Fil-A, he landed wrong coming down the slide and broke two bones on the top of his foot. It really didn't swell or bruise, but when I took him to the doc the next day, sure enough it was broken. So, off to the Orthopedic clinic the next day for a cast! He HAD to have a black cast. I tried my best to talk him out of it telling him no one would be able to sign it. But try as I may, black it was. Well, this momma right here just had to make it a cool cast so I outlined the Batman and Superman symbols and let Kaleb color them in. He just thought he was too cool after that. He actually told me last night that he didn't want them to cut off his batman cast! We go back this Wednesday for them to remove it (fingers crossed). The problem with the timing of this broken foot is his birthday! It happened on March 24 and his party was March 29th at pump it up! Of course, he couldn't play so I called on March 26 and they couldn't have been more understanding. They allowed me to reschedule it to May, knowing that they probably wouldn't be able to fill that time slot in just three days! Love it when things fall into place like that. So then I was DREADING having to tell Kaleb that his party was moved. So after working up the courage, I told him that his party was going to be in six weeks and his response... "OK". Really? Just "OK"? Yep. A little shrug of the shoulders and an "OK". I think I was more disappointed than he was! I think he had it figured out. He gets to have a small party with us and then a bigger party later. Who wouldn't want two birthday parties, right? After that, I called the lady making his cake and had her scale it back big time! When asking him about his party before the break, he was adamant that he wanted his friend Brooks there. This is the little boy that lived right across from our old house and was his best buddy at daycare before starting MRA. He misses him so much so we called and were able to take him to see the new Muppets movie on his actual birthday! 

Since he couldn't have a party, we bought 50 balloons and put them in his room while he was sleeping. 

Birthday cupcakes at school

This is the sweetest little Get Well cards from all his classmates! 

Last but not least is an update on Rocky. That crazy, sweet dog has won our hearts but is wearing thin on our ability to stand all his hair! I talked Paul into getting us a dog on the pretense that we would get a breed that doesn't shed. Since I LOVE labs and golden retrievers, I decided to get a doodle mix. Well, finding Rocky, he was a labradoodle that was born on Kalebs birthday! Fate, right?! So, I convinced Paul and we picked him up at 4 months old from a lady in Nashville. Did I mention that he is the sweetest thing ever?! Well, that has been his saving factor because that dog sheds worse than any dog I have EVER seen. He really sheds like a lab but he has the long hair of a golden retriever! Crazy mix and leaves hair EVERYWHERE. we were vacuuming twice a week and you had to empty the canister in the middle! CRAZY! So, after trying different foods and oil supplements, convinced it is a skin condition, I finally had him shaved! See the pics below!

Don't feel too bad for him because he got a new bed out of the deal!

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