Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, if you haven't picked up on it yet, Kaleb LOVES tractors! It was one of his first understandable words, and he says it at least 20 times before we even make it to daycare in the morning. I have been known to bribe him to do things with tractors, from going to bed to eating to peepee-ing in the potty! So, when it came time to switch his toddler bed over to the full size conversion, I knew I had to find a tractor comforter. I searched and searched, and finally landed on this one:
It is from JCPenney. At first, I was not crazy about the design. I mean, its a brown plaid with 6 tractors on it. But, after Paul explained to me that it was not MY room, and that Kaleb would LOVE all the tractors, I saw that he was right and went ahead and bought it. And OMG, was Paul right! We brought Kaleb home after putting it together, and he went crazy! "Tractor, Momma, Tractor!" Jumping up and down! He has also learned that the one closest to the pillow is a combine, not a tractor! I am planning on doing some new canvas paintings with his name and tractors. So I will be sure to post pics of those when I get around to doing them!

One problem did happen that I should have thought of, but unfortunately was too wrapped up in how much he would love his new tractor bed... He is more interested in saying 'tractor', over and over and over, than he is in going to sleep! (It is actually reversible with the other side having about 50 tractors printed on a dark brown plaid!) But he eventually calmed down, and went to sleep.

He still doesn't sleep all through the night, but we have only had it a few nights, so we are still hoping that having his own bed will: a: help him sleep better, and b: keep him in his own bed! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it when he sneaks into our room at 4 in the morning to cuddle with me, but after about an hour of being kicked and hit and head butted, you just get up and go lay on the couch and give him the bed! So, this is our solution: give him a bed that is just as comfortable as ours (even if he does continue to come to our bed, at least I have somewhere else to go besides that couch!)

And, just for giggles, I wanted to share a couple videos from today. The first was from this morning. We had the radio on while Paul was ironing some clothes for a trip he has to take next week. Kaleb decided to show off some moves! The second was from this afternoon. We ate at Five Guys for lunch. It is located at an upscale outdoor shopping area called Renaissance. They have a water fountain/jets that the kids can play in. We have taken Kaleb to it a few times but he has never really been that interested in it, but today (when we had no intention of playing in it), he decides to get SOAKED! It was a really nice day, weather wise, so we let him have fun. When he was done, we stripped him to his pull-up and went home! Overall, it has been a really great day!

(Oh, and those 'big boy underwear' were his choice after peepee-ing in the potty this morning... Bad idea  seeing that he poopoo'd in them about 10 minutes after this video!)

Oh, and one more thing: GO VOLS! =)

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