Friday, September 9, 2011

Yah for Fall!

So the last couple of nights here in MS have been FABULOUS! After work, the temps have been hovering around 70 degrees! Our neighborhood pays for a mosquito truck to spray every night so you can pretty much enjoy the afternoons mosquito-free. My mom and dad got Kaleb a ride-on John Deere tractor for Christmas last year and he is just now getting the hang of driving it, and boy does he love it! It actually has a first gear, second gear, and reverse. He is second gear all the way! His favorite thing to do is try and run me over, which is fun but exhausting at the same time! I have included a video of him from last night. After this fun, we decided to take a walk around the block, which was surprisingly relaxing. Kaleb rode in the stoller for a while and then decided he was too big to ride and walked along with us. He got distracted by a neighbor's jeep ride-on toy, but other than that, he was great. Even helped put up his tractor when we got back to the house and came inside without a fight (which has only happened like twice in his two years!) Maybe we are getting somewhere, maybe... Oh, and HE SLEPT ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Maybe this walking around the block is going to become a nightly routine!

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  1. Melissa,
    I am so glad you started this blog. I love being able to keep up with all of you. Love ya!