Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Go Vols!

If you know anything about Paul and I, it is that we are die hard Tennessee fans. Pretty sure our blood is bright orange. Saturday night was the UT vs. South Carolina game. And like every other game this season, we had an extremely promising first half, but a piss-poor second half. All things considered (losing both our starting QB and RB, our second string QB being a huge disappointment, and our third string QB a true freshman that has never played a down that has to all of a sudden start against a ranked SC team), we held our own for the majority of the game. I truly feel sorry for our defense. They are the reason we still have hope at the half. They keep the other team from running up the score by forcing fumbles, making interceptions, and forcing 3-and-outs. Then, after working so hard for 10-20 minutes, our offense takes the field and either goes 3-and-out or throws an interception! Back comes the defense for another 10-20 minutes! Talk about tired! No wonder we can't pull it together in the second half, we are just plain tired! 

But the real reason I am writing this tonight is to share a proud, proud moment that Paul and I had that night. A big play happened in our favor and we started hooping and hollaring. Before we knew it, Kaleb started yelling "Go Vols, Go Vols, Go Vols!" It was so cute! He was jumping up and down, pointing at the TV, just yelling his little heart out! It took a while before we could catch our breath we were laughing so hard at him! Later, Paul was messing with Kaleb, getting him to look at his muscles, then scaring him by yelling real quick. Kaleb was laughing and falling on the floor, just being silly. So I went and got my phone to get it on video. After he got bored with that, I decided to try and get the yelling on video! I can't believe I got it because he is usually very camera shy and clams up when he sees it. But it was SUPER cute!

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