Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello, my name is Melissa and I'm addicted to....

Ok, so my BFF Aubrey text me about a month ago about a new website that she thought I would love called Pinterest. I had been seeing posts on Facebook about it but had never really looked into it. So, the other day, I was bored and decided to check it out. OMG! This website is the coolest, most addicting site I have ever seen. I am literally on there a couple hours a day. My crafty self is officially a Pinterest addict. If you haven't checked out this site, be careful. Only do it if you have enough time in the day to spare. It is a virtual pinboard for EVERYTHING! Once you sign up (you have to be invited), they get you to install a PIN tab on your bookmark bar. If you see something on a website you want to remember or share with other people, you click the button, it asks which picture you want to pin, then saves it to your pinboard but also posts it to Pinterest where other people can "Like" it, "Repin" it to their pinboard, or "Comment" on it. There are lots of DIY crafts, Why Didn't I Think of That ideas, Recipes, Exotic Location pics, cute outfit ideas... the list goes on, and on, and on...! I have tried a recipe already and am doing a DIY Magnetic Board for Kaleb for Christmas. I also have a bunch of decoration ideas for Christmas saved. I am getting excited just typing all this! =) Thanks Aub! (Or maybe a big NOT THANKS since I no longer have any free time, haha!)

Sunday was a 'fun' day for me, Paul, and Kaleb. We had set up an appointment for family pictures with a local photographer. We haven't had family photos taken since Kaleb's newborn shoot back in April 2009! The original date was October 23 but it rained that day so it got pushed back to this past Sunday, Nov 13. I know my son, so I am one to start preparing him for big events far in advance (remember the Trick-or-Treat training for a whole year!). So, as soon as I set up the original date, I started practicing "Cheese" with him. Every night, after his bath, I wrap him in his towel, pick him up, and we do "Cheese" face and "Fishy" face in the mirror at each other. He laughs and laughs at our funny faces! Needless to say, I have been super excited to get this on camera. So, the big day comes, we drive out to the meeting site, and get him out of the car. Immediately, he turns into a typical two year old boy. He wants nothing to do with me, Paul, or that scary-looking camera! AGH! I have no idea why I expected anything else, but I really did have my hopes up. I guess I'll know better next time. He finally did open up a little. He started throwing rocks into a stream and just checking out the trees and rocks where we were. He never would really sit with us for a family photo, so I was extremely worried about how they were going to turn out. I mean, I was almost in tears the whole way home. Paul assured me there would be some good ones. And he was right, I don't need 20 good photos on our wall. If it is only 3-4 good ones, that is plenty! That's why I love my husband. He can turn my half empty glass into half full! Right before we left, our photographer told us she would work on them some and hopefully post a sneak peak on Facebook that night. Well, I became VERY neurotic about it and was checking FB every ten minutes! No picture! AGH! Does this mean there weren't any good ones to post?! (There went the half full glass!) Monday, still no picture! Tuesday, still no picture! By this time, I'm pretty sure half my hair is gone, my eyes are turning black, and I'm going to be institutionalized at any minute! I know, I over-reacted by a mile but I couldn't help it! I had been SO looking forward to doing this and for it to go so horribly wrong, I was devastated! Well, Wednesday afternoon, I check my FB and there it was! A big beautiful picture of the three of us!

I can't believe it! How beautiful! The background, my two favorite men, my hair (haha)! Even though Kaleb wasn't smiling, it was still a great picture of the three of us! YAH! My world is right side up again. The sun shined a little brighter on the way home from work (even though it was cloudy!). Now my obsession has turned to her website to see if the rest of them are up! OMG, I might need medication before it is all over with...

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