Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Infinity... And Beyond!

Kaleb's new obsession is Toy Story 3, or 'Toys' as Kaleb calls it. My mom bought it for him when it first came out and he has just now developed an attention span long enough to sit through the whole thing. Over the last 2 weeks, I have watched it a least 20 times! It is a really good movie so I don't mind so much. =) At first, he got too scared to sit through the 'mean' parts. Especially the guard monkey at the daycare. He would cover his ears and whine to the point of almost crying. So I started making fun of the monkey, clapping my hands together like he does with the symbols and calling him a mean monkey. That has seemed to help but he still doesn't like that part.

Kaleb's mornings are very unpredictable. Some times he will wake up in the best of moods, and there are other times I just pray for him to go back to sleep! And you can never tell what time he is going to get up, whether it be 5 or after 7. On weekday mornings, I usually am the one getting him up and ready for school while Paul usually takes that duty on weekends and lets me sleep in, which usually means I don't get up till a whopping 7:30! When he does sleep a little later, I try to just change his diaper and clothes while he sleeps and put him in the car, where I have his breakfast waiting. Some times this works well and other times he will lose his mind when I touch him. Thursday morning was one of those cases where he wanted nothing to do with me, clothes, breakfast or school! I ended up running late trying to get him in the car and then dropping him off at daycare was a nightmare. So Friday, when he slept 'later' again, I decided I was going to get him up early and not have to rush. Well, I had the brilliant idea of bribing him with cinnamon toast eggos and 'Toys'. I got everything ready in his room then went to wake him up (he was in our bed!) So, I walked over to him, rubbed his head and told him it was time to wake up. Thru closed eyes, he said 'No!' I offered my bribe of Toys and toast to which he said 'No!' I offered Toys again, just in case he didn't hear me the first time. Still with closed eyes, he said 'No Toys Momma!' and rolled over and pulled the cover over his head! I couldn't help but laugh.

So, I thought hard and decided to try the hungry caterpillar game I have done in the past. He loves the book 'Very Hungry Catepillar' (written by the same guy that did Brown Bear, Brown Bear). So, to wake him up, I tell him the the hungry caterpillar is crawling up and down him looking for food. He eats Kaleb's nose, ears, toes, belly button, etc. All the while, I am running my fingers up and down, tickling him. This worked like a charm. He started giggling and laughing. He was much more open to to Toys and Toast offer from earlier! =) It was also an easier drop off at daycare! Just thought I would give everyone a taste of what mornings are like the the Rasmussen household!

Oh the things we do to make our children laugh! A happy Kaleb means a happy Mommy which means a good day for everyone!

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