Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can we really keep this diet thing up?!

You bet-cha! That's right, we are still going strong! Luckily, there is one cheat meal per week allowed. She just says to be sure to cheat on a day that you are super active to help burn any extra calories and to not go too overboard. So, Saturday night, Paul went to town to get us some mexican. But we were good and got one chicken fajita and one steak fajita and split them between the two of us. They tasted SO good. Not sure if it was that good or we just hadn't had mexican in that long! =) But Sunday, we were back no our best behavior. We got Lenny's for lunch (no mayo for me!) Their hot pepper relish and a little spicy mustard made me not miss the mayo at all. We got some groceries Sunday afternoon and really stuck to our shopping list. It really makes it easier to eat healthier when that is the only option you have in the house. Don't buy junk and you can't eat junk! Simple, really. And I am really proud to say I have been taking my lunches to work and not eating out! That is really an accomplishment seeing that I have cash in my purse to buy lunch with but am sticking to it. Sunday night we decided we didn't want to cook anything because we really didn't feel like cleaning anything, so cereal it was. Monday for lunch, I took advice from my friend Jimbo (who is really obsessed with canned tuna), and made some barbecue tuna with brown rice. You take a can of tuna, pour in two tbsp barbecue sauce (only 45 calories per 2 tbsp) and heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Sounds wierd but tastes just like leftover barbecue! Added a few dashes of hot sauce to my brown rice and had a filling and protein-packed lunch. Dinner were the Tuna Stuffed Peppers again, but this time I made the sweet potato fries with it! But my favorite thing was desert. Yes, you heard me, desert! It was a Protein-packed Cinnamon Swirl Bread. Found the recipe through the Muffin-Top Less website. And it was DELICIOUS! Even Paul thought it was great. Tasted like cinnamon bread pudding to me. And only 55 calories per square. Here is the recipe:

She has a video of her making it here:

The ingredients are a little out there, (I couldn't even find Xylitol, so I substituted Truvia for both it and the Stevia since I had it on hand). But they turned out great. Very moist. Had two squares for breakfast this morning.
The workouts are going great as well. I have been trying to workout as much as possible. I had been working out in the past, but have never felt it like I have been lately. I have been waking up in pain (the good kind) every day from what I worked out the day before. Just tells me I am challenging my body in ways that haven't been challenged in a long time, probably since high school actually.
Paul is always picking up Fitness magazines and Healthy Cooking magazines. We were going through them last night and they had an article about different apps for your phone that can help with diet and exercise. I downloaded the free ones (I'm kind of cheap that way), and they are really good. My favorite is the MyFitnessPal app. It lets you put in your current situation, your goals, and then tells you how to meet those goals. You can keep a diary of everything you are eating (very big catalog of all kinds of food), so it can tell you how you are doing everyday. The others were SparkRecipes (people like you uploading healthy recipes they have tried), Locavore (tells you what fruits and veggies are in season in your area, and then tells you where you can find a local market), and Fooducate (helps you make better decisions in the grocery store by telling you what additives are in foods, etc... also has a barcode scanner to make it easier than searching for the product). As I said earlier, all these were free apps, so you can download them and let me know what you think!
This really is a hard adjustment to make in our lives, but we both know that is it simple too. We have to set a good example for Kaleb. We want him to see his mom and dad making good choices, not just in big decisions, but in the simple ones too, like what to eat. It seems like such a simple thing, but it impacts your life so dramatically. He is such a picky eater, I just hope when he does grow out of it, he learns to make the right food decisions. If I can make those decisions easier for him, he will have more time and energy to focus on the bigger decision he will face in life.

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