Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New You!

So, Happy New Year everyone! Paul and I have been members of The Club, our local gym, since this time last year when Paul began his weight loss journey. He has done an INCREDIBLE job, losing over 40 lbs! Hard work, Dedication! Dedication, Hard Work! (for all you Biggest Loser fans!). He works out EVERY DAY and we have stopped eating out as often. I try to work out 2-3 times a week too, so I have finally been able to fit into a lot of the clothes from pre-Kaleb! Yah!
Lately, Paul has kind of hit that plateau that comes with everyone's weight loss. So, in order to kick it up a level, we have decided to change our diet to a more protein-packed, low fat food based diet, recommended through the blog Muffin Topless (found through pinterest)! She is very inspirational and tells you how it is. Work out, eat right, and you will see results! Don't quit! EVER! You can only fail in your journey if you quit. As long as you keep trying, you can't fail. I have decided to do this along with Paul because it will make it easier if we eat the same things and can be each other's support. I am not looking to lose weight, just tone up some areas. I actually don't ever weigh myself except at the doctor's office. I don't care what the scale says, just how my clothes fit and how I see myself in the mirror!
As my sister so lovingly told me last night when I explained all the things I was picking up at the grocery store last night: "Good luck with that!" Hopefully, we can stick to this and see the results we have been working so hard for! We made turkey burgers for supper last night and they were really good! The recipe made 5 patties so I even brought one for lunch today. Tonight is going to be Tuna-stuffed Roasted Red Bell Peppers with melted Mozzarella cheese on top. She calls it a Tuna Melt for short. Sounds yummy but we will see! You get lots of snacks which include Greek Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Nuts, Oatmeal,  Almond Milk Milkshakes, and lots of other yummy things. The hardest thing is going to be trying to give up soda. I have moved off of regular and onto Diet Pepsi but now I am going cold turkey! At least I get to keep my coffee (no more White Mochas, but I can handle that!). Might even save some money while we're at it! =)
I will try to keep you updated on our progress!

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