Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Last Christmas Gift

For Christmas, my mom and dad got Kaleb a train table. Mom called back in November and asked what was something that she could get him. I told her about a train table at his daycare that he really loves. We were going to get him one but I told her they could get it for him and we would get him the bounce house. Mom said that was a great idea and sent me the pic of the one she ordered. It was great and even matched the furniture already in his room.
We had discussed wether or not to put it together for his Santa seeing that we would have to bring it all the way home, not knowing if it would fit in the back of Paul's Tahoe for the ride home. But we decided that it would be fine and we really wanted to see him playing with it Christmas morning. Well, I got a call the Thursday before Christmas informing me that Kaleb would have to get excited about a picture of a train table! Mom and Dad opened the box to put it together and there were a billion pieces! Not really, but the box even said 100+ pieces! The instructions were pretty little pictures and 5 pages long. So, needless to say, Kaleb got his train table but didn't get to play with it until later!
This past Saturday, a little girl from Kaleb's daycare was having a birthday party (see next post for details on that), and I told Paul I would take Kaleb to the party if he would put the table together while we were gone. We got home to a partially put together train table and a frustrated Paul! =) It wasn't that difficult, just a lot of pieces and minimal directions. He finally got the table and accessories put together, and then came time to assemble to tracks. OMG! There were 30 pieces with a labeled diagram where each piece should go. Easy right? Not quite seeing the pieces weren't labeled to match the diagram! Eventually, we got it together with a little teamwork (Wonderpets anyone?! What's gonna work... Teamwork!)
The hardest part of the entire thing was keeping Kaleb away from it while trying to put it together. Every time we would put a part on the table, he would pull it off to play with it!
But we got it together and Kaleb loves it. He woke up Sunday morning and started playing with it! He is so funny! Mom is supposed to be coming down in a few weeks and I know she is going to be excited to see him playing with it.
Daddy's little helper

The finished product!

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